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Am I Crazy? I’m offering my $150 Air Conditioning Super Tune-Up for only $69

Dear Neighbor,

I must be crazy! With summer on its way and the heat getting ready to hit us harder than ever, I want to give away my $150 Air Conditioning Rejuvenation Super Tune-Up Service for only $69. It makes no sense! Why would I do that when people are going to need such services so much in the next few months? The answer is simple: to prove a point.

My Point

I believe your air conditioner is using twice as much power as it needs to cool your home. I also believe it will break down more often and wear out sooner than it should. An air conditioner doesn’t need to break down to need a professional’s attention. It can still run even if it has all kinds of problems. But that lack of efficiency will turn into higher bills when you start running it regularly. All that misery for your air conditioner can end up costing you $100 to $500 per year more than you need to pay.

I think you can do better.

You Can Save $500

This is often my busiest time of the year, and offering a big discount means I’ll be even busier. So why am I offering such a drastic discount on my Rejuvenation Super Tune-Up? I want you as a client for life! I call this my INVESTMENT IN YOU.

Fixed Right or It’s Free!

My Super Tune-Up includes a painstaking and thorough examination of more than 50 potential problem areas in your air conditioner. I will inspect, adjust, and clean the air conditioner. When I have finished and all recommendations have been completed, I will present you with a written guarantee that your air conditioner is “Fixed Right or It’s Free” for the summer (until September 21, 2018). If I have to come back during this season because your system is not working, my service is FREE!

Only 100 Available

I now have the resources to accommodate the needs of 100 new clients into my business. Even though most of my customers come from enthusiastic referrals by my current clients, I’ve decided to “give away” my $150 service for only $69 to a few homeowners who might not be familiar with my company.

You only pay about the same price others charge for a simple clean and tune-up, which is why I can only offer a limited quantity.

Why Me?

I run the tightest service company in the business. I belong to a National Organization of highly motivated and technically competent air conditioning and heating contractors. We are NATE-certified and have an outstanding rating from the Better Business Bureau. Our professional staff is continually trained in the skills of service, repair, system replacement and All-Star Team Building business-management and marketing systems. I am serious about my profession; proud of my entire staff; and completely dedicated to each and every one of my clients…new and old.

Call now and schedule your Rejuvenation Super Tune-Up Service for only $69. This offer is only valid through May 31st, 2018 so ACT NOW! The only way you can lose is to wait and miss your chance to be among the first to call!

Please call us now at 1-877-284-7247!

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