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2 Ways to Avoid Heating Repairs

No one likes to deal with heating repairs. It’s a pain to have your heating system break down, call the HVAC technician, wait for them to examine your heater, and then have to pay potentially hundreds of dollars to replace whatever part decided to give out. The worst part is that most of these repair issues are completely preventable. Here are the two best ways to ensure that you avoid major heating repairs.

Fall Maintenance

It is recommended by pretty much everyone in the HVAC field that you have your heating system examined at least once a year. As the best time to have any appliance checked is right before you plan on using it a lot, the best time to have your heater checked is during the fall season. This both catches any minor problems that may be developing in your heating system, and ensures that it is operating at its best during the winter.

Problems like a cracked heat exchanger almost never happen on their own. They are the result of something else going wrong in your system which contributed to further damage. In the case of these less-noticeable-but-more-insidious issues, you may not get any sort of warning before they cause real problems. Therefore, it is safest to conduct annual maintenance in the interest of being safe and thorough.

Know the Signs

However, if you do happen to have indications of a problem between maintenance appointments, it pays to know the signs. Short-cycling is a common one. This is characterized by your heating system rapidly and continuously turning on and off. Usually this is caused by your system overheating, tripping a safety measure that causes it to turn off prematurely. It then restarts and overheats again, reactivating the safety measure and perpetuating the cycle.

Other signs to watch out for include uneven heating, no heat coming from the vents, the heater staying on indefinitely, and odd noises during operation or on startup. These signs all indicate that something may need immediate attention in your heating system. If you notice any of these, don’t delay. Call an HVAC technician, just to be sure.

If you are experiencing problems with your heating system, or you haven’t had your annual maintenance yet, call Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air. Our heating professionals cover all of Riverside, CA.


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