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Your Air Conditioning Installation Options

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

In Riverside, CA, air conditioning installation needs to take our hot dusty weather into account. We sit on the edge of the desert, and summer temperatures routinely climb into the triple digits. Because of that, you need to consider your air conditioning installation options very carefully. A system that’s wrong for your house or which isn’t installed correctly could cost you time, money and most importantly cool air when the summer rolls around. It pays to consider your choices carefully before beginning installation procedures. What are those choices exactly? A brief list of the more common ones can be found below.

  • Central air conditioning. This is one of the most common types of air conditioning systems and likely the one that people are most familiar with. A central unit cools the air through the use of refrigerant, then circulates it through the house via a series of ducts in the attic, walls and crawlspaces.
  • Heat pump. A heat pump combines the functioning of both a heater and an air conditioner: pulling hot air out of the house in the summer, and pulling it in from the outside air in the winter. It often costs more to install than central air conditioning systems, but saves you money with lower energy costs. It’s particularly effective in climates like Riverside’s with very mild winters.
  • Geothermal air conditioning. This system relies on the ambient temperature in the ground itself to provide cooling. The system uses tubing in the ground to exchange heat in your house. It’s very efficient and lasts a long time, though like heat pumps, its cost a great deal to install.
  • Window air conditioning. These portable units are set up in a window or similar location, then pump cool air into your home using refrigerant the same way that central systems do. They are cheap to purchase and easy to install, though much less efficient than central systems, since they can usually only cool a single room.

It can be quite a lot to absorb, but you don’t have to do so alone. Contact the experts at Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air, whose service area includes Riverside, CA. Air conditioning installation is our area of expertise, and we can discuss your air conditioning installation options with you before determining the best system for your circumstances. Call us today to set up an appointment.

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How the Right Level of Refrigerant Keeps Your Home Cool

Monday, September 16th, 2013

When your home air conditioning is providing you with a comfortable temperature during the hot California days, you’ll primarily notice the fans and the motors doing the work. After all, they are what produce the soothing white noise that comes from your AC. But the reason your air conditioner can provide you with cooled air is something you probably rarely notice: the refrigerant cycling through it. Refrigerant allows an AC to exchange heat, moving the hot air out of your home to the outside. Problems with refrigerant will mean a loss of cooling efficiency, and require professional repairs. If you experience any trouble with your air conditioning in Riverside, CA, contact Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air today.

In the early history of the electric air conditioner, the refrigerant was usually ammonia, propane, or ethyl chloride—flammable and toxic gases. Fortunately, science developed safer chemical compounds such as Freon, and today’s ACs operate with few safety concerns. If you have a newer model in your home, it most likely uses a refrigerant called R-401A, which was designed to pose little ozone-depletion risk.

Refrigerant moves in a closed system around your air conditioner, changing from a gas to a liquid and back again as it cycles heat. The compressor squeezes the refrigerant into a high pressure gas, which then moves to the condenser unit—the outdoor portion of your air conditioner—where the heat dissipates to the outside. The cooled down refrigerant changes into a liquid and moves into the evaporator unit, the interior section of the AC. There it begins to evaporate, drawing heat out of the air inside your home. The refrigerant then returns to the compressor to restart the process.

Refrigerant does not get used up during this heat exchange: the amount inside your air conditioner, known as the refrigerant’s “charge,” will remain constant during normal operation. However, a damaged or improperly maintained air conditioner can develop leaks that let refrigerant escape. A lowered charge can lead to icing on the evaporator coils and a subsequent loss of cooling power.

Fixing problems with refrigerant isn’t something you should attempt yourself. It requires a professional to seal up leaks and recharge the refrigerant to its correct level so it will give you the cool temperature you need. If you suspect that your AC has lost its refrigerant charge, call Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air today. We have six decades of Riverside, CA air conditioning service experience, and can handle refrigerant trouble and any other problems you have beating the heat.

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3 Signs that You Need Professional Water Heater Repair Service

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Having hot water is truly a modern luxury that we can’t live without. But when you stop to think about it, your hot water heater gets a ton of use every single day delivering hot water for showers, laundry, dishes, cleaning and more. This wear and tear can really take a toll on the system and cause the need for repairs. If it has been awhile since you’ve had your water heater maintained, make sure that you call the Riverside plumbers at Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air. To help you better identify what would be a cause for concern with your water heater, we wanted to share the most common signs that could indicate that you need to call for water heater repairs.

Water heaters are an important part of your home, so make sure that you call a professional Riverside plumber whenever you need any services. Here are 3 common signs that you should watch for:

  • Leaks – Any appliance that works with a lot of water is going to eventually leak. Your water heater could start to leak from bad gaskets or valves as well as from too much pressure inside the tank. If you notice water spots around your water heater, it’s best to call immediately instead of waiting for them to go away on their own.
  • Not enough hot water – Other than your water heater being too small, there are a few common cause of insufficient hot water. It could be that the dip tube has come loose so all the cold water coming into your water heater is collecting at the top. It may also be that the thermostat for your water heater is broken.
  • Noises – If you start to hear noises coming from your water heater, like rumbling or rattling, it likely means that there are minerals collected on the bottom of the tank. This layer of minerals or sediment will cause air bubbles when heated and result in the rumbling noise that you hear.

Give us a call here at Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air today when you need a Riverside plumber that you can trust.

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We Wish You a Happy Labor Day

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

On every project that we complete, we ensure that our customers are satisfied. We take pride in the work that we do every day, and this level of diligence and attention to detail has allowed us to grow over the years. On the first Monday of every September, our country celebrates Labor Day as a way of recognizing the hard work that has made this country great. Because making your home more comfortable and convenient is our business, we want you to have an enjoyable and pleasant Labor Day.

Labor Day is a time of good BBQ, the start of the professional and college football seasons, entertainment with family and friends, and, most importantly, taking a day off from work. Labor Day emerges as a federal holiday in the wake of the Pullman Strike of 1894. It was designated as such by President Grover Cleveland and Congress as a way to reconcile the damage done by the faceoff between the Federal government and the Pullman Palace Car Company workers and other railroad workers. But over a decade before it became official, Labor Day began as a workers’ picnic and demonstration suggested by either Peter J. McGuire of the American Federation of Labor, or Matthew Maguire of the Central Labor Union of New York.

From our family to yours, we wish you all the best on this Labor Day.

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