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Is a Heat Pump a Good Investment in Redlands, CA?

Monday, January 27th, 2014

The pleasant weather in Redlands, CA means that finding ways to effectively heat a home is often far from the minds of residents. And that’s one of the reasons we think you should consider a heat pump for your heating system. A heat pump isn’t only a heater—it’s also an air conditioner… and you know that there are long stretches of the year when an AC is essential for comfort. With a heat pump installed, you have your warmth for the occasional winter days taken care of at the same time that you plan for the long hot seasons.

Of course, heat pumps aren’t the only option for home heating available. What specifically makes them a good investment? We’ll look into that below. For more information about heat pumps, please contact the Redlands, CA heating installation technicians at Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air.

How a heat pump returns your investment

  • The two-in-one solution: Since heat pumps work as both air conditioners and heaters, you will take care of two problems with a single unit.
  • Improved heating energy efficiency: If you currently use a furnace for heating your home, you’ll find that a heat pump offers large energy savings. Heat pumps do not create heat the way a furnace does. Instead, they shift heat from one place to another. They only need a small amount of electricity to do this. U.S. government studies show that a family of four switching from a furnace to a heat pump can save up to 30% annually off their heating bills.
  • More available space: Heat pumps are smaller than most furnaces, and because they do the work of two separate units, they take up even less space.
  • Heating isn’t impaired in our climate: The only serious drawback of heat pumps—they lose efficiency at heating when the temperature drops below freezing—is rarely a problem in Redlands, CA. You won’t need to have a back-up system for when the heat pump cannot handle cold weather.

Heat pumps need professional installation, or else you’ll risk getting none of these above benefits. Call on our heat pump specialists at Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air to find out the right model for your home and the skilled technicians to install it correctly. You’ll find few better options for heating installation in Redlands, CA than Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air.

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The Best Heating Systems for Warm Climates

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Right now, the majority of the U.S. is undergoing one of the harshest winters in years. But that frigid weather seems far removed from Southern California, for which we should all feel grateful—and make sure we don’t mention it to our friends and family who live elsewhere.

We still need heating systems in Riverside, CA, but we approach heating differently than regions with colder climates. You will run your heater less and have different demands for it. Here are heating systems we think work well for our pleasant climate and its occasional cold days and nights.

For specific help for your home’s needs, contact Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air. Our professional installers will find the type and size of heater to suit you and install it so it will run smoothly for years.

Heating system options for sunny California

The heat pump is a superlative system for a warm climate, for two very good reasons.

The first is that it is a system that combines both heating and cooling. Essentially, a heat pump is a powerful air conditioner that can switch the direction it moves heat so that it pulls heat inside your home during cold weather. You will use the AC more, but because the heating requires only a small amount of electricity, you will save money on your annual heating bills.

Second, a heat pump works best in warmer climates because it needs to draw heat from the outdoor air while in heating mode. For extremely cold climates, heat pumps can suffer drops in efficiency when trying to provide heat. This isn’t a problem for Southern California. As long as the temperature remains above freezing, the heat pump won’t lose any efficiency while running in heating mode.

But don’t disregard the furnace as an option. For Southern California, an electric furnace is often a good choice. Electric furnaces are not often recommended over gas-powered furnaces in other parts of the country because electricity is more expensive than gas and electric furnaces do not provide the same level of heat. But in Southern California, you will run the furnace less, making it more cost-effective, and will not need extreme heat levels. If you don’t have a natural gas line in your home, an electric furnace is often your most economical option.

Get skilled help to make the choice

There is no simple answer for what heating systems in Riverside, CA are the “best” for you. You need to have a professional look over your home and energy supply to determine that. Perhaps a gas-powered furnace will work better for you than either a heat pump or an electric furnace. Call Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air to get started with finding the true best option for you.

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Is My Heating as Efficient as it Could Be?

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Right now, while large parts of the country lay under a heavy blanket of snow, Southern California is enjoying a warm winter climate. But we will still need our heaters working for us during stretches in the winter, and you want to make sure that when your heater is on that it is doing the most efficient job that it can.

But it is likely that your heater isn’t working at peak efficiency. In this post we will look at some of the reasons you might be paying more on your heating bills than you should, and what you can do to remedy the situation. Contact Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air for more help improving your heating in Redlands, CA.

Why your heating might not be its most efficient

  • You aren’t scheduling regular maintenance: Having an annual inspection and tune-up done on your heater is the surest way to find out if it is running at maximum efficiency. A heater without regular maintenance will start to age faster, and this will make it work harder to reach the same level of heating. Maintenance will also help fend off repair needs that will damage your heater’s efficiency; industry studies have shown that maintenance prevents 85% of all repairs.
  • You have an outdated thermostat: The most technologically advanced thermostats on the market today give homeowners a level of precision control over heating that results in energy savings. If you have an old manual thermostat, you should consider making the transition to a digital programmable thermostat, so you can have control over the temperature in your home even when you are out of the house. You’ll no longer need to keep the heater running while you are gone just so you can have a warm home to return to.
  • You are pushing the heater too hard: If you have the habit of placing your thermostat at its highest setting in order to get the house warmer faster, you should know that the higher setting does not increase the speed the heater provides warmth—it only makes it stay on longer to reach the target temperature. Keeping the heater running for long stretches will drain energy and not provide you with any increase in comfort.

We can help your heating efficiency

Our staff at Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air can help you get the most energy-efficient performance possible from your heater. With membership in our Comfort Club, you will have prepaid maintenance for both your heating system and your air conditioning. We can also install a new thermostat and perform any repairs you need to upgrade your heating in Redlands, CA to its best.

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Burner Problems with Your Heating System

Friday, January 10th, 2014

Gas furnaces: chances are strong you’ve spent most of your life with gas furnaces keeping you warm. You probably grew up with one, and now you have one in your home keeping you and your family cozy during the cooler California winter season.

As a natural gas-powered heating system, a furnace uses a burner to heat up the air that it sends through your house. The burner houses the gas jets that the pilot light or electric ignition activates. The jets then send heated combustion air into the heat exchangers. Trouble with the burner can mean a threat to your heating. Here are some troubles you may experience with the burner in your heating system.

If you are looking for a heating and air conditioning contractor you can trust with your heating repair in Redlands, CA, then call Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air. We have served the Inland Empire for over 60 years and have the experience necessary to help you with whatever trouble you are having with your furnace.

Some common burner troubles

  • Corrosion: Many furnace owners imagine that their heater can’t suffer from rust because it doesn’t come into contact with water like a boiler does. However, the combination of metal and combustion gasses can cause corrosion over time, especially if the furnace has improper venting. If the burner begins to develop rust flakes, it will stop working. If your furnace is very old, this might be the time to replace it. Otherwise, have a repair technician get rid of the rust flakes and track down what caused the corrosion in the first place.
  • Dirt and grime: The furnace cabinet should remain clean and dust-free. However, sometimes dust can infiltrate the cabinet, usually if the air filter becomes too clogged. If too much dirt and debris coats the burner, the gas jets will not be able to draw enough oxygen to ignite. Have a professional remove the burner and clean it.
  • Low gas pressure: Reduction in the gas pressure sent to the burner will make it difficult for the jets to ignite. This might be blockage in the gas line or trouble with the municipal gas supply. Don’t try to find out which it is for yourself, since you don’t want to risk exposure to carbon monoxide, which is toxic and highly combustible. Call on experts to investigate.

If you are searching for heating repair service in Redlands, CA that will solve your furnace burner troubles, look to the dedicated staff at Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air. We are ready to help you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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