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The Best Solutions to a Slab Leak

Monday, July 25th, 2016

We have few needs for basements here in Fontana, CA, and like the rest of Southern California, ours is a fairly recent community in terms of the age of out houses. Most of them were built directly onto concrete foundations and some of them have water pipes running beneath those foundations (or in some cases actually embedded in the foundation itself). A slab leak is simply a leak in one of these kinds of pipe. The leak itself could be easily repaired by any plumber worth his or her salt. The trouble is getting to the leak beforehand… and indeed because the pipe isn’t readily visible, spotting the problem can be difficult. (You can help your cause on that front by looking for any unusual activity: high water bills, puddles around the foundation, and warm spots on the concrete of your porch or foundation.)

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The Best Ways to Prevent an AC Breakdown

Monday, July 18th, 2016

Summers don’t come any hotter than they do in Riverside, CA , and you need a reliable air conditioning system to see you through it. A breakdown in the middle of a heat wave can be truly disastrous — high heat is often an active health risk — and while our team can respond swiftly to repair calls, we’d rather help you stop those calls from happening in the first place. The best ways to prevent an AC breakdown are judicious planning and careful observation. Here’s a few specifics to help you out.

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The Benefits of Indoor Air Quality Products

Monday, July 11th, 2016

Indoor air quality is as important to the comfort of your Rancho Cucamonga, CA home as temperature control. We get a lot of dust in the Inland Empire, and high humidity is always a problem, to say nothing of germs and bacteria fostered by stale air. Indoor air quality products range from air scrubbers, UV air purifiers and dehumidifiers, but all of them serve to help make your home more comfortable and healthier. Beyond that, there are a number of specific benefits provides by indoor air quality products that you should seriously consider.

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How to Avoid AC Repair Calls

Monday, July 4th, 2016

Summer has just begun and already the Inland Empire is baking. Residents of towns like Eastvale, CA need their air conditioners up and running every day in order to keep cool and comfortable. In many cases, it’s more than just a luxury: when the heat index climbs, it can be actively hazardous to go without an air conditioner. We offer swift and timely AC repair calls when your system breaks down, but we also believe that preventing such a problem is far better than reacting to it once it’s knocked your system out of commission. A few preventative steps on your part can do wonders on that front.

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