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3 Advantages to a Tankless Water Heater

Most homeowners in Riverside, CA are familiar with traditional tank water heaters: those big white tanks in our basement or garage that quietly do the job of heating our water for cooking, cleaning and bathing. Tank water heaters are a tried-and-true form of technology, but they’re not the only ones out there. Tankless systems, which used superheated coils to warm the water to the desired temperature instantly as they pass through your pipes on the way to the faucet, offer a number of advantages over traditional tanked systems. Here are 3 of them, which you should consider carefully if you’re looking to install or replace a new system.

1.     Lower Costs

Because tankless systems heat up the water “on demand” instead of keeping an entire tank hot for your use, they tend to cost much less to operate. Furthermore, because the water is hot immediately, you won’t waste any water running the tap and waiting for it to warm up. You’ll find yourself saving money on monthly expenses, helping to offset the cost of installation over time.

2.     Quick and Endless Hot Water

Tankless systems don’t depend on a reservoir of water to heat your home, which means they don’t need time to warm up the water. Furthermore, you don’t run any danger of depleting the reservoir and cutting a luxurious shower short just because the water has run out. As long as the system functions, you’ll have all the hot water you need.

3.     Size Matters

Some houses don’t have an issue storing a bulky water heater somewhere out of the way. But for smaller residences, every square foot counts. Tankless systems are designed to fit on the wall or under the sink, freeing up space for you to use in some other fashion.

If you’re replacing your water heater and want to discuss the options with a pro, the experts at Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air are standing by!

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