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3 Behaviors That Will Kill Your AC’s Efficiency

ac-techInstalling your air conditioner is the first step. Enjoying the comfort of your air conditioner is the next. And after that? It’s all about getting the most out of your air conditioner in Riverside while spending the least amount of money!

The higher your AC’s efficiency is, the less you’ll have to pay on your monthly cooling bill. It seems straightforward enough, but as it turns out, many homeowners make some mistakes that seriously drag down their efficiency.

In order to help prevent you from making the same mistakes, here are three behaviors you might be doing that are killing your AC’s efficiency:

1. Neglecting to Change the Air Filter

If you can’t remember the last time you checked your air filter, that’s a good time that you should go check on it! An air filter, on average, will only last you about 3 months. After that point, it will be too full of dirt to properly move air through the system. Here’s how it ties into efficiency:

  • Some rooms of the home may be cooled unevenly due to lower airflow. Your AC will keep running longer in an effort to balance the temperature.
  • A clogged air filter can cause the evaporator coil to freeze over. This too will block airflow and cause efficiency issues.
  • In some cases, it can be enough to create short cycling issues. This will force your AC to work overtime without providing sufficient cooling. Not only will it raise your cooling bill, but it will put immense strain on your system.

2. Lowering the Temperature Lower Than You Need It

There’s an unspoken myth out there that you can get your AC to work faster by lowering the temperature even further than you actually need it to be. The logic is that, by putting the temperature down so low, the AC will work harder and faster to get to that temperature. Then, when the temperature gets where you actually want it to be, you return the temperature to normal.

Sounds like a neat lifehack, right? Unfortunately, it’s a complete misunderstanding of how your air conditioner works. The thermostat is not a throttle; it won’t work faster or harder just because you set the temperature lower. It will take the same amount of time and effort to cool, no matter how low the thermostat is set. What it will do is rack up unnecessary expenses on your cooling bill.

3. Forgetting Your Annual Maintenance Tune-Up

The biggest killer of efficiency has to be from skipping the annual maintenance tune-ups. A thorough maintenance check acts as a preventive for nearly 85% of HVAC issues, many of which can hamper your efficiency.

Many AC problems will drag down your efficiency without presenting themselves as a serious repair issue. This can lead you to believe that as long as your AC is running, then there’s no harm being done. Taking the time to have the maintenance done will give you peace of mind from any of these problems.

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