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3 Benefits to Improving Indoor Air Quality

Riverside, CA residents must constantly battle against the quality of our air, especially in the summertime when dust and pollution can be serious concerns. Indoor air quality matters as much to your home and quality of life as a good air conditioner does, and the more steps you can take to improve it, the better your home will feel. This can involve anything from improved air conditioning filters to UV germicidal lights to whole-house humidifiers. The specifics depend on your individual needs, but the goals are the same regardless. Here’s a list of 3 benefits to improving indoor air quality that you should consider when looking into these systems.

1.     Reduced Risk of Illness

Low humidity levels dry out your sinuses and leave you more vulnerable to colds. Dust in the air can affect sensitive people in your household and the spread of germs and bacteria is never something you want to encourage. Improved indoor air quality means fewer incidents of illness in your household and a general feeling of comfort overall.

2.     Less Damage to Furnishings

Dust and dirt can wear down your furnishings, as well as increasing strain on your air conditioner when it coats individual components. High humidity and excessive dry air can also cause damage to wallpaper, furniture and other aspects of your home. The better the indoor air quality, the less your home furnishings will suffer and the longer they’ll last.

3.     Fresher Air

The biggest benefit to higher indoor air quality is simply the way it makes you feel. The air tastes fresher when you breathe and you won’t feel clammy or gross as you move through your household. The improvement to your quality of life can be felt every day, and results in a happier household overall.

If you’d like to improve your indoor air quality then give the experts at Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air a call today!

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