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3 Signs You Need HVAC Service to Fix Your Air Conditioning Issues

air-conditioning-maintenanceHere in the Inland Empire, air conditioning season can last well into October, as Indian summers and periodic heat waves drive the temperatures up. This is the time of the year where air conditioners start to feel the pinch. During the height of summer, your AC may run morning and night, and now, with months of daily use behind it, it might be showing signs of wear. If you’ve waited to get your system serviced or fixed because you didn’t want to be without air conditioning during the heat of summer, now is the time to do so.

You can also do yourself a favor by checking your system for signs of trouble and calling in a professional HVAC service in the event you discover one. Only a trained technician can properly diagnose a problem with your AC and repair it once it has been identified. However, you can spot certain common signs of trouble with your system. When you do, turn it off and summon a repair service immediately. We’ve listed three of the most common symptoms of air conditioning trouble below, to give you an idea of what to watch for.

1.     Strange Noises

Over the summer, you’ve likely become very accustomed to what your air conditioner sounds like when it turns on. That means you’ll likely notice when a new noise appears or the sounds have similar shifted. Unusual noises can entail anything from bumps and pounds to screeches and whistles, and can stem from a wide variety of issues in need of addressing. In most cases (though not all) the noises will start and stop in sync with the starting and the stopping of your air conditioner.

2.     Insufficient Cooling Levels

You’re probably aware that there’s a problem when you turn on your air conditioner and only hot air comes out. But the same principle holds true when the air is cool, just not as cool as you expect. Warmer air means that the system needs to work harder to do its job, which raises monthly cooling bills and increases strain on the rest of the system. It’s often caused by low refrigerant, but can also be caused by anything from an overheating component to a breach in the vents.

3.     Low Air Flow

A similar situation occurs when the air is perfectly cool, but the flow of it coming out of your vents isn’t as strong as you’d expect. In some cases, this means that there’s a blockage slowing down the flow of air, caused by build-up in the vents or a filter in need of changing. In other cases, there may be a breach in the ducts pulling air out of the system, and sometimes the trouble lies in the fan mechanism (such as a faulty fan motor or perhaps fan blades that have become bent or broken) which prevents the air from being blown out of the system.

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