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3 Things to Remember When Installing a Clean Air Filter

Summers in Riverside, CA are as hot as they come, but equally concerning is the level of air quality here in the Inland Empire. Dust and pollution are sadly common as the heat and nearby mountains trap all manner of contaminants in our air. You can improve the quality of the air inside your home by installing a clean air filter in your HVAC system, and qualified professionals are on hand to do the job right. But a filter requires some preparation before you install it, and certain questions need to be answered – with the help of your technician – before you move forward. There are 3 things to remember when installing a clean air filter.

1.     The Most Efficient Filter Isn’t Necessarily the Best for You

Filters measure their efficiency with a MERV rating, which stands for “minimum efficiency reporting value.” The higher the rating, the more effectively the unit will strain contaminants out of your system. You may think that the highest MERV rating is always the best, but not necessarily. If the filter is too efficient, it will lower the flow of air to your system, increasing strain and reducing its ability to cool the air. A technician can help select the filter that’s right for your system.

2.     Healthy Air May be More Important than Clean Air

In addition to (or instead of) an air filter, you might want to consider a UV filter for your system. It creates an invisible screen of ultraviolet light, killing germs and bacteria and preventing them from replicating. It won’t do much to drop the level of dust, but if you’re especially concerned with the health of your family, such as when you’ve brought a newborn baby home.

3.     Maintenance and Replacement Work Wonders

A good maintenance program can address your air filters as well as your air conditioning system, ensuring that any problems get correctly early on and that the filters themselves are cleaned or replaced on a regular basis.

For more on installing and maintaining air cleaners, contact Avis Plumbing, Heating & Air for expert help!

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