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3 Things You Should Do Before Shutting Down Your Air Conditioner for the Winter

In Riverside CA, air conditioning services are far more in demand in the summer than in the winter. The weather gets hot in our town, but not that hot, and as October gives way to November, homeowners will start switching over to heating systems to keep their homes comfortable. But there’s more to it than just raising the thermostat. Proper maintenance is key to keeping your HVAC system running cleanly and efficiently, and the transition from fall to winter is a great time to pay attention to those little details. Here are 3 things you should do before shutting down your air conditioner for the winter.

  • Schedule a regular maintenance session. This isn’t strictly a repair; it’s more like a tune-up. A service professional will examine your unit for any pending problems, then recharge the refrigerant, clean the dirt off the coils and tighten any fittings or screws that might have come loose. Your air conditioner is going to sit unused for several months; a tune-up like this gives you plenty of time to jump on any larger repairs, as well as making sure your air conditioner is ready to go next spring.
  • Do some home maintenance. Your air conditioner – and your heater for that matter – work best when your home is sealed as tightly as possible. Check your doors and windows for cracks, and get them sealed before you shut the air conditioner off for the season. You’ll see a difference in your monthly bills.
  • Consider duct cleaning. Riverside is essentially a desert community and we get a lot of dust in the air. That can build up in your ducts as well as your air conditioner itself. A duct cleaning service from a qualified professional will get the dust out of your system, raising the quality of your indoor air and reducing irritation in your nose and throat.

If you need a hand with these 3 things you should do before shutting down your air conditioner for the winter, call on Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air for help. Air conditioning service in Riverside, CA are our specialty, and we can ensure that yours is properly prepared for the winter.

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