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Add an Indoor Air Quality Product to Your Home

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Everyone knows how hot the summers can get in the Inland Empire, and already, the cool weather of winter is starting to recede. Most homeowners are rightfully focused on getting their air conditioners in fighting shape. But there’s more to a comfortable home than temperature control. Indoor air quality can make a huge difference.

We essentially live in a desert, which means high levels of dust in the air, and humidity levels both high and low can wreak havoc in your home if you let them.  The addition of an indoor air quality product can make a huge difference on that front. If you’re thinking of making an upgrade to your HVAC system or something similar to improve your home, it pays to take a close look at these products.


High humidity levels make the air seem hotter than it is, as well as encouraging the growth of mold and other contaminants. Once relative humidity levels rise above 50% or so, there’s too much ambient moisture in the air to let the sweat evaporate off of our skin (which is our body’s natural means of keeping cool). Air conditioners can lower the humidity levels, but the process adds a great deal of strain to the system, and it lacks the precise control that lets to adjust the ambient moisture to a level that’s comfortable for you. A whole-house dehumidifier can do the job much more effectively, as well as lowering the monthly cost of running your system.

Electronic Air Purifiers

If dust is a concern, then an electronic air purifier may be an optimum solution. HVAC systems had filters that screen out dust and dirt, but they can be quite messy and they need periodic replacing. Electronic air filters ionize all of the particles in the air as they pass through your ducts, causing them to stick to a collection pan and removing them from circulation. It’s effective not only in removing dust from the air, but in helping to reduce friction in moving parts in your air conditioner. It can also keep you from having to keep replacing your air filter, helping save money on maintenance as well as easing the strain on your AC

UV Air Purifiers

If you’ve ever been to Space Mountain at Disneyland, you’ve seen UV lights in action: they’re what make your white clothes glow in the dark. Those same lights, while harmless to humans and pets, are absolutely lethal to germs and other creepy-crawlies. Placing them at the apex of your ducts creates an inescapable screen that they can’t help but pass through when you run your air conditioner. That leaves your air feeling fresher and incidents of illness dropping UV air purifiers work well for any home, but especially for homes with sensitive residents, such as infants, the elderly, and people suffering from conditions such as asthma.

If you’re a homeowner in Riverside, CA and any of these products sound like a good fit for you, call the pros at Avis Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to discuss your options!

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