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What Are the Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance?

air-conditioning-maintenanceMost people don’t call an air conditioning technician until they need a problem addressed. Our team is ready to go at the first sign of trouble, and we pride ourselves on swift, effective responses when our customers have a problem.

But we also believe that an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure, and we’re dedicated to stopping problems before they start. One of the most effective means of doing that is to schedule an annual maintenance session with our team for your air conditioner. With temperatures growing higher by the day and another scorching Inland Empire summer on its way, now is the ideal time to do so.

What Is It?

A maintenance session differs significantly from a repair session. Repair sessions are designed to treat a single, specific issue with your system. Maintenance sessions are designed to provide a more general look at the system: checking for any potential issues as well as treating little things that don’t merit a repair call on their own. They include things like loos bolts, clogged filters, dirty components and similar details that can add up to real trouble if they’re left unaddressed.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits of maintenance are subtle, but considerable:

  • Spot Big Problems Early. Most serious issues with the air conditioner show signs well before a breakdown occurs. A trained technician can spot them during a maintenance session, allowing you to schedule repairs at you convenience instead of rushing around and rearranging your life to handle a sudden and unexpected breakdown. Furthermore, because you’re catching the issue sooner rather than later, the cost of repairs is likely to be lower, since the damage will have less time to spread.
  • Improve the System’s Efficiency. Correcting all of those little issues means improving the efficiency of the system. That can help cut down on your monthly bills by a great deal, allowing your air conditioner to do its job without wasting as much energy as it might with a rattling component or a clogged filter. Considering how hot our summers get and how high your monthly cooling bills are likely to be, this is no small consideration.
  • Extend the System’s Life. When applied regularly over time, maintenance sessions will cut down on the impact of wear and tear. Not only can this help stop breakdowns from happening, but the strain on the system will be seriously eased and can extend its lifespan by months or even years beyond the expiration of the warranty.

Why Now?

The weather in the Inland Empire is already warming and soon we’ll be plunged into another summer of stifling temperatures. Getting your air conditioner maintained now means you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of it sooner rather than later. That can put money back into your pocket with improved efficiency and reduced risk of a breakdown. It also gives you considerable peace of mind since you know your air conditioner is in peak shape before the summer begins in earnest.

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