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Avoid Tossing These Foods Down the Drain

Almost every home in Fontana, CA has a garbage disposal, and they can easily take care of a large amount of foodstuffs. But not every type food can be dealt with in such a manner and if you throw the wrong kind into the system it can damage your garbage disposal severely. Others might not damage it, but will cause serious clogs in your pipes, requiring a plumbing service to correct. We can provide such services, and we are skilled at fixing garbage disposals, but we’d rather help you prevent having to make the call in the first place. You simply need to watch what goes into the sink carefully, and avoid throwing down any of the following foods.

  • Bones and seeds. These are the most obvious candidates, and most people are aware of them. Never throw down bones, peach pits, seeds, corn cobs, or anything similar. The disposal can’t break them up and they can often cause a great deal of damage.
  • Coffee grounds. Ground up coffee has the consistency of sand, and can often expand when wet. That spells big trouble not only for your gears but for the drain pipe itself, which can become clogged by the grounds. Pour them in the trash instead of down the sink.
  • Vegetable peelings. Potato peelings, carrot peelings and indeed any fibrous vegetables like celery can wrap around the gears of the disposal, as well as creating clogs in the pipe. Cover the drain while you peel your vegetables and toss any vegetable matter in the garbage.
  • FOG. It stands for fats, oils and grease, which are often poured down the drain in liquid form when they’re hot. But as they cool, they solidify in the pipes, creating an ugly clog. Instead of pouring them down the drain, pour them into an empty can and wait for them to cool, then throw them away.

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