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Basic Ways to Make Heating Cost Less This Winter

moneyOne of the tricky parts of home heating in Chino, CA and elsewhere in the Greater Riverside area is that we don’t need to have heating systems running all through the season. Why does this make heating tricky? Because it makes it much easier to fall into money-wasting habits without realizing it. You aren’t familiar with the changes in your heating costs that occur during the winter season, not the way someone in Chicago would. You may be paying more each winter than is necessary.

Fortunately, vigilance is the best tool to help you. Paying more attention to the heating system and scheduling services for it is part of keeping heating bills under control. Below we’ve put together some of these standard steps for making heating costs lower.

Always schedule an appointment for fall maintenance

The fall season lasts late for us, so even though we recommend having maintenance for your heater early in the fall, it still isn’t too late if you have it done in November or early December.

Professional maintenance is one of the best things you can have done for your heater, whether it’s a furnace or heat pump. The cleaning and tune-ups reduce strain that leads to the heater wasting money, and inspections catch potential repairs. (Repairs are definitely considered a rise in your heating costs!)

Know the ideal thermostat settings

Sad truth, but people in Southern California are often reckless about setting their thermostats in winter, pushing them up higher than they should go. It’s important to know that turning the thermostat up higher doesn’t mean you get heat faster or make the heating system create more heat.

A higher thermostat setting means the heater runs for longer. A high temperature not only means wasted power, it will make the house hot and stuffy. We recommend a daytime setting of 68°F, which can mean a 10% savings compared to 78°F. During the evening, lower the temperature by 8°F (your body needs less heat while sleeping).

Upgrade to a Wi-Fi or smart thermostat

An old manual thermostat or a non-programmable digital thermostat can get the job done for a house. But it isn’t the most efficient way to operate the heating system, and leaves open many possibilities for money to go to waste. Even the step up to a standard programmable thermostat lets you cut back on wasteful operation of the heating system. Wi-Fi thermostats give you more control, since you can access the heating system from wherever you have internet or satellite access. “Smart” thermostats go further and automate heating to maximize savings based on your use patterns.

You must only allow a professional to upgrade your thermostat. A mismatch between a new thermostat and the HVAC system can damage the HVAC system.

Replace an ancient heater

If you’ve let your heater linger on for 15 or 20 years, it’s probably costing you too much to run. It will also begin experiencing more repair issues. We strongly recommend calling our technicians to inspect the heating system if it is this old to see if it’s time to invest in a new, higher efficiency system. You can make this inspection part of your regular maintenance.

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