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Beware of Clogs in Your Kitchen Plumbing

clogged-kitchen-sinkToo often, we tend to use our kitchen sink like it’s a trash can. Without even thinking about it, we put pasta, rice, table scraps, coffee grounds, you-name-it right down that kitchen drain and never give it a second thought – right up until the time that it starts to back up and drain slowly.

Nobody likes a clogged kitchen sink, and the next thing you know, you find yourself having to make an appointment to get that clogged sink taken care of. Here are some things you should know to prevent that from happening.

Don’t Pour Grease Down the Drain

This is one of the most common causes of clogged kitchen plumbing, and it’s fairly easy to avoid. When you pour hot grease down the drain, it may be in liquid form when it goes down there – but it will congeal as it cools and will form a coating on the walls of your drain lines.

This can even result in a major headache for municipal wastewater service – you may remember the stories of the “fatberg” from London’s sewers a few years ago, a monstrous, disgusting block of hardened grease that was the size of a city bus and took workers weeks to break up and remove.

Rather than pouring grease down the drain, it’s advisable to dump it into an old coffee can or another container, seal it up and dispose of it in the trash. This isn’t just for animal fats like bacon grease – you should do this with any kind of used cooking oil.

Coffee Grounds and Eggshells

They seem innocuous enough, don’t they? When coffee grounds or eggshells get mixed with water, though, they start to get heavy and can result in a badly clogged kitchen drain. The thing to do with these is to properly dispose of them in the garbage, or use them in a compost or in the garden.

If you have a garbage disposal, chances are, you already know that potato peels, banana peels, corncobs and other heavy or fibrous materials can’t be ground up by the disposal and will result in a clogged drain. If you find yourself with a slow or totally clogged drain, don’t use drain cleaners because nine out of ten times they’re just not going to work.

What to Do When the Drain Is Clogged

If it’s the moment of truth and that thing is just not going to drain on its own, your best bet is to call in the professionals.

Professional plumbers can use techniques like hydro-jetting, using a high-pressure water jet to dislodge any hardened grease, food particles, and other junk that might be preventing the sink from draining. Just bear in mind that a sink problem can quite possibly mean problems with other parts of your plumbing (such as the toilet or laundry drain) if left too long.

Don’t try to take on this nasty job yourself – call someone who does this for a living. Call A-Avis Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for kitchen plumbing in Riverside, CA today!

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