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Can I Handle Refrigerant Problems Myself?

Refrigerant leaks in air conditioning systems are a common occurrence – so common that sometimes they can seem like an easy fix for homeowners. The truth is that refrigerant leaks are tough to find, and more importantly, you must be certified to handle refrigerant, so attending to refrigerant problems on your own isn’t a good idea. Refrigerant leaks can cause a number of problems, as we’ll discuss below, and they should be repaired as soon as possible, as they tend to become worse with time. For professional repairs to your air conditioning, call the people you can trust: Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air.

Problems Caused by Refrigerant Leaks

Your air conditioner requires an exact amount of refrigerant in order to work properly. When this amount is altered due to a leak, problems can develop in your system:

Warm Air

The refrigerant in your system absorbs the heat and humidity from your indoors and releases it outside. When the refrigerant is low due to a leak, the process of releasing this heat becomes unbalanced, and one result is that not all of the heat releases. This can render your air conditioner unable to cool the air effectively.

Compressor Problems

The compressor pressurizes the cool liquid refrigerant into a hot, high-pressure gas. When the refrigerant is low, the compressor has to work harder to achieve this. Overworking the compressor for a period of time can lead to overheating and potential break down.


Low refrigerant can cause certain areas of your air conditioner to stay too hot and others too cold. When hot air meets cold air, condensation develops, but quickly turns to ice over the parts that are too cold. This results in an ice build-up on the evaporator coils and poor performance for your AC.

AC Won’t Turn On

Some air conditioners have safety switches that sense when the refrigerant level is too low. If your air conditioner won’t turn on and is equipped with this type of safety switch, call your HVAC technician to inspect the problem.

As you can see, this is a comprehensive list of problems, and finding exactly where a refrigerant leak may be can be complicated work. Don’t compromise your safety and your air conditioning by trying to repair a refrigerant leak on your own – call Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air and schedule AC repair service in Riverside, CA with one of our experts.

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