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Cleaning and Maintenance Services for Your Heating System

Yearly maintenance for your heating system is essential for keeping it working efficiently, effectively, and without break downs and repair needs that can lead to a reduced service lifespan. Heating maintenance usually happens during the fall, but if you have neglected to schedule it for over a year, it’s never too late to have it done. If that much time has passed, you should consider having your maintenance visit before the heater goes off for most of the summer. You want to make sure it will come back on when you first need it again.

To get started with maintenance, call Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air. We’ve provided professional heating repair and maintenance to Riverside, CA for over six decades.

Maintenance and cleaning: what the annual visit actually does

When a service technician visits your home for the heating maintenance inspection, he or she will examine all the major components, conduct tests, and see where adjustments and cleaning will improve performance. Here are some of the many maintenance and cleaning services a technician can do for your heater:

  • Clean the heat exchanger: The heat exchanger is the crucial part of a gas furnace that transfers heat from the combustion gas to the air. If the exchanger has gotten dirty, the technician will brush the exchanger, then vacuum it and also vacuum the burner tray, blower compartment, and around the furnace nox rods so that the heat from the burners will efficiently transfer to the air.
  • Clean out the exhaust flue: Another important part of furnace operation, the exhaust flue allows the escape of the left-over vapor from the heat exchanger. The technician will clean it of soot and other obstacles if needed.
  • Burner and pilot assembly replacement: If necessary, the technician can replace an older or corroded burner assembly with a new one.
  • Clean return air grill: This is where the air from indoors enters the heating system for recirculation. Sometimes it requires cleaning so it won’t impede airflow.
  • Thermostat calibration: Sometimes a thermostat can begin to sense incorrect temperatures, and a maintenance technician will need to readjust it.
  • Clean condenser/evaporator coils: For heat pumps, a clean set of indoor and outdoor coils are necessary for proper heat exchange. To clean them, the technician must first detach them from the refrigerant line.

Schedule maintenance from the Comfort Club

Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air offer membership in our Comfort Club to provide you with top level maintenance. With membership, you’ll receive maintenance for your heater and your air conditioner with a worry-free payment plan. You’ll find peace of mind—and save with reduced heating repairs in Riverside, CA.

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