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Common Reasons Why Your Heater is Inefficient

Residents of Riverside know that a sturdy air conditioner is a must for the long and hot summer season. However, the shorter winter seasons can bring colds spells and chilly nights, and having an effective heater becomes almost as important. But because our heaters get less use during the year than our air conditioners, we often leave them without the regular care and repair they need. Eventually, that neglect can lead to an inefficient heater that siphons too much power while providing inadequate heating.

Make sure you take good care of your heating system with professional heating repair and regular preventive maintenance. Contact the Riverside, CA heating repair technicians at Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air to get started with protecting your heater so you will always have a comfortable winter.

Reasons your heater might be inefficient

You don’t feel as warm with the heater on, and you’ve noticed an increase in your bills. What’s happening?

One thing you should check is your thermostat. The actual heater may be working fine, but the thermostat has malfunctioned and started to sense the temperature incorrectly or send the wrong signals to the heater. This can lead to the heater turning on and off at the wrong times, or running continually without stopping. This wastes energy and can lead to periods of discomfort. Fortunately, HVAC technicians should have few problems repairing or replacing your thermostat.

If you use ducts to channel heated air, breaks along the ductwork can lead to a plunge in heating efficiency. Air pressure will drop and the heater will start to overwork to compensate. Duct sealing requires specialists; you can’t solve the problem with so-called “duct tape.”

If your heater suffers from wear and tear or an internal malfunction—even if it is something you can’t detect from the outside—it will also start to strain to reach its target temperature. Pay attention to heating bill spikes or rooms that aren’t getting enough heat to warn you about this trouble. Professionals can diagnose what is causing the problem and figure out how to fix it.

Get repairs done as soon as you can—and then keep them from reoccurring

If you heater is running inefficiently, it will not repair itself if you simply wait. The problem will likely increase until the system breaks down. To avoid higher repair bills in the future, and to save money on heightened heating bills in the present, schedule prompt heating repair in Riverside, CA. Then schedule regular preventive maintenance to keep your heater in excellent running shape.

Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air has 60 years of serving the Inland Empire with heating repairs and maintenance. For quality work that will give you year-round comfort, contact us.

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