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Common Spring Problems with Your Air Conditioner

Spring has come to Rialto, CA and though we haven’t hit the really scorching part of summer yet, it’s definitely on its way. You’ve likely had to use your air conditioner on a semi-regular basis already, but because we haven’t hit the brutal heat of summer yet, now is an excellent time to evaluate your air conditioning system for any problems that may have developed over the winter. That gives you the time to address them properly, and make sure your system doesn’t have any issues at all when the heat finally hits.¬†

 Leaking Refrigerant

Refrigerant isn’t supposed to leak from your system: it needs to exist in a set amount at all time.s When it does leak, frost forms on the coils and the system has to work much harder to do its job. Not only does that raise your monthly bills, but it will almost certainly result in a larger breakdown somewhere along the line. If the refrigerant starts leaking over the winter, it can go for months without being detected. Never try to scrape off the frost formed by the leak. It takes a trained technician to handle refrigerant, seal the leak, and recharge the system to the prescribed amounts.

Dust and Dirt

Dust on the coils can cause problems similar to the frost of leaking refrigerant, as well as increasing friction on moving parts and again forcing the air conditioner to work harder and increasing the risk of a breakdown. Dust and dirt can also clog the air filters, backing cool air up in your system and increasing stress on other components. The air filter needs to be changed, the dust cleaned up and moving parts properly lubricated before the summer begins.

The easily solution to such problems is to schedule a maintenance session from your friends at Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air. We can make sure your system is ready to go!

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