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Dangers Posed by Short Cycling Air Conditioners

Here in Riverside, CA, our air conditioners are running constantly, and any problems need to be taken care of as quickly as possible. Our 100-plus degree days can turn your home into a hot box without a good air conditioner, and if you spot something wrong with your system, you need to move on it as quickly as possible. Short cycling is definitely a serious problem, though it may not seem like much when you first notice it. It’s the habit of an air conditioner to turn on and off very quickly multiple times throughout the day. The dangers posed by short-cycling air conditioners should not be underestimated, and you should contact an air conditioning repair service as soon as you spot the trouble.


Short cycling is usually caused by air conditioners that are too powerful for the space they need to cool. They end up doing the job too quickly and turn off fast, only to turn back on again as the outside heat raises the temperature back towards sweltering. In some cases, malfunctions can cause short cycling, particularly low refrigerant levels, thermostat issues, or problems with the compressor array.


The problems with short-cycling are mostly financial in nature. Short cycling uses a lot of power, since air conditioners need to expend more energy firing up and slowing down. The more often your unit starts up, the more energy it uses – far more than if it simply ran continuously for a longer period of time. Not only does that raise your monthly energy bills substantially, but it also increases the wear and tear on individual components within the air conditioning system: raising the chances of a serious breakdown taking place in the near future.

You certainly don’t want something like that happening in the middle of July. The moment you detect short cycling, call the experts at Avis Plumbing, Heating & Air to fix the problem right the first time, every time!

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