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Call in a Drain Cleaning Service Instead of Using Store-Bought Solutions

plumbing-clogsClogs in your drain are a common occurrence and sooner or later every homeowner needs to deal with them. The usual reaction is to purchase a solution at the store, such as a chemical cleanser or perhaps a plumbing snake at the local home improvement center.

In most instances, however, that can be a big mistake. Store-bought solutions can’t compete with the more thorough and comprehensive drain-cleaning services that a professional can provide, and if you can’t clear a drain with a plunger and some elbow grease, your best bet is to contact a plumbing service right away.

One Size Does Not Fit All

The problem with chemical cleansers and snakes is that the adopt a one-size-fits-all format to the problem. Clogs can be caused by a wide variety of materials – anything from toothpaste to human hair to coffee grounds to solidified cooking grease – all of which must be handled by your basic over-the-counter solution. As a result, such solutions will partially deal with a wide variety of clogs instead of specifically dealing with your particular clog. They will usually remove enough of it to restore the flow of water through the pipe, but leave pieces of it stuck to the side. In many cases, the clog will simply reform a few weeks or months down the line, forcing you to use the same solution over and over again.

That can corrode or damage the pipe at the point of the clog over time, as well as forcing you to waste a great deal of money reapplying the same solution over and over again. Furthermore, store-bought cleansers are often quite toxic, which can not only damage your pipes – or even cause injury if they are mishandled – but will pollute the environment when they wash down the pipe and into the municipal sewer system.

What Professionals Bring to the Equation

A professional plumbing service, on the other hand, brings specific tools and training to the job. That means they can handle the specific nature of your clog and get it resolved the right way instead of applying half-measures over and over again.

It starts with video camera inspection, which provides an unprecedented look at the clog. The technician sends a tiny camera and light – similar to the ones on your cell phone – down the pipe on a line. That provides an accurate look at what’s causing the clog and lets the technician select the right tool for the job.

Such tools are often more expensive than laymen can afford, especially since they won’t need such tools more than a handful of times. But plumbers, who deal with clogs all of the time, can use them quickly and effectively to get the clog taken care of. That can include anything from hydro jetting to motorized snakes with rotating heads,  but whatever the tool, it removes the entire clog rather than just enough of it to kick the problem down the road for a brief time.

For quality drain cleaning services in Riverside, CA, call on the friendly professionals at Avis Plumbing-Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

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