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Draining Your Water Heater Tank

Water heaters tend to be one of the great unsung heroes of our households, doing their jobs quietly in the basement or garage and leaving Yucaipa, CA homeowners to concentrate on more pressing matters. But water heaters need servicing just like any other major appliance, and it pays to perform a little maintenance on yours at least once a year. We strongly recommend scheduling a service session with a trained plumber, but in the interim, you can take a very important step towards keeping your system in good shape: draining the tank.

Why Is That an Issue?

What heater tanks build up sediment on the bottom: dirt and other bits of detritus that come in through the water. The good news is that it settles to the bottom of the tank and rarely enters your water supply. The bad news is that it forms an insulating barrier between the water and the heat that’s supposed to warm it. It thus costs more to heat your water, and over time, the increased strain on the bottom of your tank could result in a breach or similar breakdown. Draining and refilling your tank once or twice a year solves that issue nicely.

What Are the Steps?

Draining a water tank is usually part of a professional maintenance service, but anyone can do it. Here’s a quick breakdown of the steps.

  • Turn off the water to the tank, as well as the gas or fuel supply.
  • Run a hose from the drain valve to a drain pipe nearby. If no drain pipe is close, use a large drum or similar receptacle.
  • Open the drain valve, then open the pressure valve at the top of the tank. This starts the water flowing.
  • Drain the water, then turn the water supply back on to flush out any remaining sediment.
  • Close the drain valve and the pressure valve, then allow the water to fill the tank.
  • Turn the gas or fuel supply back on.

For a professional water heater maintenance session, call Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air today!


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