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Dripping Water Spells Trouble for Your AC

Summer in Riverside, CA means that your air conditioner is going to see heavy use every day. Triple digit temperatures will do that for you. And during the summer, it’s vitally important for you to watch your air conditioner for any signs of trouble. Take dripping ¬†water, for instance. Water is an inevitable byproduct of the air conditioning process, but if you spot it dripping or puddling around your ¬†system, you have a potentially serious problem on your hands.

How it Happens

Whenever you lower the temperature of the air, it creates droplets of water as the ambient moisture cools and goes from gaseous to liquid form. (This is why dew appears in the early hours of the morning: the coolest of the day.) Air conditioners have a drip pan and a drain line to collect that condensate and safely take it out of the system. Trouble arises when problems occur with the pan. If can become misaligned or spring a leak, the drain line could become clogged, and in the case of older air conditioners, the sheer process of cooling the air can create more moisture than the system is set up to handle.

Why It’s A Problem

Dripping water is harmful to electronic components, and while a leak that doesn’t touch any of the air conditioners other parts may be manageable, it can lead to a short-circuit and a very expensive repair job if you aren’t careful. In some cases, your air conditioner may shut down in response to a leak, as sensors notice the overflow and turn off the power. This is actually a good thing since it prevents the kind of serious damage that can occur. Unfortunately, it leaves your air conditioner non functional until the problem is fixed, and in a town as hot as ours, that can be serious.

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