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Ductless Heating Repair Provides Benefits to You

ductless-mini-splitMost of us in the Inland Empire rely on forced-air furnaces to stay warm during the winter: generating heat in a single location and distributing it through the home with a series of ducts. They work well and don’t cost much to run, which makes them excellent ways of keeping our homes warm in a desert environment.

But they’re not the only types of heating system out there. Ductless systems, in particular, make an excellent choice for homes that can’t support the ducts necessary for more centralized systems, or which otherwise stand to benefit from a more customizable approach.

How Do they Work?

Ductless heating systems simply use multiple smaller units placed about your home, each one charged with heating a single room or section of your home. You can adjust each unit individually, to raise and lower the temperature of the section in question independently of the rest of the home. You can even run the heat in parts of the home you’re using while turning down the heat in parts of the home you’re not. That allows you to save a huge amount of money on monthly heating bills, as well as setting different temperatures in different rooms to meet individual tastes (and eliminating those family squabbled around the thermostat).

What Happens when Repairs Are Needed

The reduced need for repairs in a ductless system sometimes means neglecting the signs when repairs are needed. Every system runs into trouble sooner or later, and when yours does, you need to ensure that your repair service can handle ductless systems. Moreover, the ability to run only one or two units during the day while leaving the rest of them turned down means that some units in the system will see more use than others.

When that happens, you’re apt to see breakdowns and other repair issues in the most commonly used parts of the home – the parts you need the heat for the most – usually at the coldest time of the year. The good news is that the damage is often mitigated since it still only affects one part of the house. That lets you move to another part and stay comfortable, no matter how cold it is when the unit breaks down.

It also tends to make repairs less expensive on the whole as well. Parts in individual units tend to be smaller, and thus less expensive to replace. In addition, because ductless heating systems tend to last longer then forced-air furnaces, repair jobs tend work much more effectively and the parts involved take longer to wear out, which cuts down on repair expenses over the long-term. And the ducts themselves are never the problem with ductless units, eliminating the need to go into the walls or floor to make repairs. That can eliminate a lot of fuss and bother: just one of the benefits of going ductless.

For ductless mini split heating repair services in Riverside, CA, call on the friendly pros Avis Plumbing-Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today!

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