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Electronic Air Filters Improve the Air in Your Home

electronic-air-filtersThe Inland Empire gets hot and dusty in the summer, a reminder that we live in an arid desert environment. Dust becomes a significant issue in most area homes: entering when we come in and out and often circulating endlessly during the summer, when we rarely air the house out by opening the windows.

Your HVAC system has a filter that can catch the dust as it circulates through your system, but this filter is actually there to protect the inside components of your HVAC system, and not your indoor air (regardless, it’s important to remember that this should be replaced at least every few months to avoid HVAC problems and air quality problems).

Luckily, there’s a better option. Electronic air filters provide a more thorough and comprehensive means of dealing with excessive dust in your home. Now is an excellent time to have one installed, allowing you to enjoy the benefits for the remainder of our long, hot Southern California summer.

How Do They Work?

Centralized air conditioners, which are the norm for most of the Inland Empire, circulate the air in the entire home through the system as they operate. The apex of the ducts – where cool air from the system if first blown into the ductwork – makes an excellent place to install a filter of this type.

Electronic air purifiers differ from other types of filters in that there is no screen. Screens always leave room for tiny particles of dust to get through, no matter how fine or thorough they are. Electronic air filters, on the other hand, work by ionizing dust particles as they pass through the filters. That causes them to stick to the sides of the chamber or a collection plate, removing them from circulation. The result is much cleaner air than you can get with just a filter, which creates a wide range of benefits.

What Kind of Benefits?

The first and most obvious benefit is a lack of dust in your home, making it easier to keep it clean. More importantly, it can lower incidents of illness and allergic reactions in sensitive family members. Anyone in your home suffering from asthma or similar conditions will breathe easier with an electronic air filter in place, as will infants, the elderly or family members with any kind of breathing disorder.

Furthermore, electronic air filters can help your air conditioner do its job more readily as well. When dust coats interior components in the system, it can cause a lot of problems. Dust on the coils, for example, can lead to the formation of ice, which severely reduces the AC’s efficiency and forces it to work harder than it should in order to cool the air. Dust on moving parts can increase friction as well, which means the affected parts will break down more swiftly and require repairs more readily. With an electronic air filter in place, you may find your summer AC bills dropping as the system does its job more effectively, and over time, it may even extend the lifespan of your air conditioner as well.

To install, repair, maintain and replace electronic air filters in the Claremont, CA area, call the pros at Avis Plumbing-Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today!

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