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Fight the Summer Heat with a Dehumidifier

Summers in Redlands, CA can get extremely hot, as most people who live here know. But we can also be caught off guard by those muggy summer days, then the humidity can be overwhelming. The Inland Empire is a dry part of the country, which is why high humidity levels can catch us by surprise so often. But you can be ready for the moisture with a whole-house dehumidifier installed into your HVAC system. How does it work? Let’s break down the basics.

High Humidity Is a Problem

Humidity is measured as relative humidity: basically a percentage measuring how much ambient moisture is in the air. 0% means no moisture at all, and 100% usually means rain. Whenever it rises past 50%, there’s too much moisture in the air for the sweat to evaporate off of your skin, which is the body’s natural way of cooling off. As a result, you feel hotter than it is (to say nothing of sweaty and gross). Your air conditioner thus had to work harder than it should to col your home — raising energy bills in the bargain — and the excess moisture means that mold and bacteria will breed in the corners of your home.

Dehumidifiers to the Rescue

Dehumidifiers actually perform on the same basic principal as air conditioners, since you need to lower the temperature of the air in order to cause the moisture in it to coalesce into droplets and leave the atmosphere. Air conditioners actually do this by default, but because they’re not set up for it, high humidity can ultimate cost them a great deal of energy. A dehumidifier working in conjunction with your air conditioner will ease that burden and work to lower monthly rates, as well as making the atmosphere in your home much more comfortable.

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