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Gas Furnace Guide: 3 Components You Should Know

Understanding heating systems can sometimes seem impossible: all those moving parts, relays and switches make a complicated picture. But there are major parts that do most of the work, and understanding what some of these parts are can help make the picture clearer when it comes to your furnace.

The Burner

The burner is the part where you actually see the flames. A burner consists of anywhere from 2-10 open tubes that are called chambers; the number of chambers depends on how large a furnace you have. The burner is connected to a straight piece of piping called the manifold; the manifold delivers the gas to the burners, and the burners are lit by the pilot light. Burners need to be cleaned annually so that dust and dirt don’t interfere with the functioning of the component; should rust or other corrosion develop on a burner, it may need to be replaced. The burner’s job is to heat the heat exchanger, which provides the warm air that is blown into your home.

The Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is the component that provides the heat for your home. The heat exchanger is made of tubing that is in a serpentine shape. Both ends are open so that the toxic combustion byproducts can flow through the tubing and out the furnace’s flue; the warmed air from the outside of the heat exchanger is blown into your home. One of the biggest problems that can develop with a heat exchanger is cracking; should your heat exchanger crack, it will need to be replaced.

The Blower

The warm air generated in your furnace won’t go anywhere without a big fan known as the blower. A special switch called a limit switch senses the temperature of the air from the heat exchanger and when the air is warm enough, the limit switch allows the fan to turn on.

While there are a number of components to your furnace, these three are the main components that bring heat into your home. If you have questions or concerns about your furnace, call the experts who can always help: Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air. We offer professional gas furnace services in Riverside.

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