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Have You Scheduled Air Conditioning Maintenance Yet?

So early on in the cooling season, it’s tough to think about scheduling air conditioning service. At this time of year, you only run your air conditioning system when it is absolutely necessary, in order to hold off on excessive energy spending (you’ll run your system enough come summertime!). But if you do not schedule the proper services today, you will end up spending more in the summer, and you risk mid-summer repairs. Schedule AC maintenance today in order to keep your air conditioning system in the best shape possible.

The Process of AC Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance includes a thorough inspection of your entire air conditioning system, inside and out. From the smallest wires to the exterior of the condenser unit, the technician will look over every portion, paying special attention to the components most vital to the refrigeration cycle and performing tests to make sure it is all running adequately. If not, the technician will tell you about it, so that you can seek the proper services. Then, parts that need it are carefully adjusted, while some components also receive a thorough cleaning.

The Benefits of a Regular Maintenance Visit

Most technicians and manufacturers recommend scheduling air conditioning maintenance once a year, right before the cooling season begins or before it really starts to pick up. In fact, some manufacturer’s warranties are void unless you schedule it each year. AC maintenance offers the following benefits.

  • Improve efficiency – An air conditioning system can occupy close to half of the total amount of your energy bill. It’s worth it to schedule a once annual maintenance visit to decrease those summertime bills by quite a bit, potentially hundreds of dollars.
  • Reduce the risk of repairs – The hassle and unexpected cost of a sudden air conditioning issue in the summer makes a spring maintenance visit sound like a much more appealing alternative. A clean system with all the parts in order is a lot less likely to struggle and fall into decline.
  • Longer lifespan – You put a lot of money into your system; don’t you want it to last for years to come? Keeping every component in the best shape possible could extend the life of your system by several months, or longer.

When you want complete air conditioning maintenance in Riverside, CA, Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air is the name to call.

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