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Help Keep Your Household Healthy with UV Lights

Allergies are always a concern here in the Inland Empire, and with the combination of dry weather and unusual warmth, Riverside, CA has seen numerous out-of-season germs in the air. You shouldn’t have to suffer through them in your home. Air filters can remove contaminants of all sorts, but biological contaminants can be specifically treated with a UV light installed by a trained technician in the ducts of your furnace. How do UV lights work, and how can you help keep your household healthy with them? We have provided a brief explanation below.

Kills Germs Dead

You may have noticed the effects of UV lights one certain rides at Disneyland or during rock concerts where your clothes seem to glow in the dark. That’s the ultraviolet wavelength reacting to chemicals in your laundry detergent. We can’t see UV light, but it’s always there in the sunshine, and in concentrated form, it can probe lethal to germs and cold bugs. (It can create sunburns in humans, but it otherwise harmless to multicellular life forms, including pets.) When it contacts the germ, it interferes with their DNA, which not only kills them, but prevents them from replicating so they can’t spread beyond the light.

How it Works

The UV light can’t be everywhere, so the trick is to put it where it will do the most good: at the beginning of your heating and cooling ducts where the air circulates through your home. As you run your heater (or your air conditioner in the summer), the air blows through a solid field of UV light, destroying any biological contaminants within them. Unlike filters, there’s not spaces for the germs to squeeze through, and as long as you replace the light periodically when it burns out, your household will be healthy and comparatively free of germs in perpetuity.

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