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How AC Repairs Can Lower Your Monthly Energy Costs

It can be easy to ignore an “off” sound or slow start-up in your air conditioner, particularly if it appears to work ok. Sometimes things can work themselves out, but more often than not, they don’t, and you can wind up with a total breakdown. Contrary to popular belief, air conditioning repair in Redlands doesn’t have to mean a big dent in your wallet. In fact, it can help save you money by tackling those repairs before they have the chance to get bigger and potentially more costly.

Types of Repair Needs That Can Blossom

Not all repair needs have the potential to get worse, but there are some you can count on to do so. Here are some of the more common ones we’ve seen over our 60 years of service in the Redlands:

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks are one of those repairs that, if not addressed, can quickly lead to other problems with your air conditioner. Why? Every air conditioner needs an exact amount of refrigerant in order to work; this amount is in the manufacturer’s manual that comes with your system. When a leak develops, the level of the refrigerant lowers and no longer matches the exact amount needed. Low refrigerant can cause multiple problems with your air conditioner: warm air blowing, issues with the compressor, icing and a possible breakdown. Because the refrigerant level is so important to your system’s overall health, it is checked every time during regular maintenance. But leaks can still happen, so if you are seeing signs that you may have a refrigerant leak, have it repaired right away by an Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air specialist immediately.

Electrical Issues

Your air conditioner has multiple wires that connect it to the main power in your property as well as connections within the system itself, including in motors and the thermostat. Electrical problems can develop when wires become frayed, corroded, develop loose connections or disconnect entirely. Leaving wires frayed or a connection loose can cause the incorrect amount of electricity to flow into a component or connection, affecting its ability to work. If left unrepaired, this can lead to stress in other parts of your air conditioner’s system.

Problems with the Fans

The fans in your system are very important to air flow. Multiple malfunctions can happen with the fans in your system, including worn belts, issues with the motor, bent or loose fan blades and loose screws on the components. It is important to address these issues sooner rather than later as these items only get worse with wear and can lead to a total shut down of the fan.

Something Seem Off? Call Us

As you can see, letting repairs go can take a serious toll on your air conditioning system. For over 60 years, Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air has been doing air conditioning repairs in Redlands for every type of problem. Don’t let that ping or rattle go on – schedule an appointment with us today.

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