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How Do Filters Help My Furnace?

Most homes in the Fontana, CA area rely on forced-air furnaces to keep warm. They create heat through a series of burners — filtered through a heat exchanger — then blow the warm air into the four corners of your house. Every furnace comes equipped with a filter, designed to strain dust and dirt out of the air as your furnace blows. Filters serve an invaluable purpose in your HVAC system, and need to be changed periodically in order to help your furnace function at its best.

Why Filters?

By catching dust, pet hair and other contaminants, the filter helps to keep your household air clean during the winter months. But there’s more to a good filter than that. It can also keep dust out of the furnace itself, preventing friction on moving parts and keeping clogs from stopping up the burners.

Doing so means changing the filter every few months — ideally once every 30 days, but as often as you can manage it otherwise — which anyone can do themselves fairly easily. (Replacement filters sized to fit you furnace as available at any local hardware store.) That prevents the build-up on the filter from slowing the flow of hot air through the ducts: minimizing the heater efficiency, and increasing the wear and tear inside the unit as hot air remains stuck in place.

Furthermore, you can improve the effectiveness of your filter by buying denser models. The MERV rating (minimum efficiency reporting value) can tell you which models do better on that front. The higher the rating, the more effective the filter is at screening out contaminants. We recommend buying the filter with the highest MERV rating you can afford, especially in cases where you have a newborn, elderly resident, or family member suffering from a condition such as asthma.

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