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How Does the Drain Pan Affect My Air Conditioner?

Riverside, CA has some of the hottest summers in California, with temperatures routinely climbing well over 100 degrees and poor air quality to boot. A good air conditioner is not just a comfort in these situations, but an absolute necessity, and when problems occur, you need to address them quickly before the summer temperatures turn your house into an oven. One of the most common problems air conditioners experience involves the drain pan, and if you find you can’t turn your system on, the root of the problem may lie there. “How does the drain pan affect my air conditioner?” you ask. We’ve provided a brief explanation below.

Condensate Must Go

In the course of cooling the air, AC units generate condensate: similar to the way dew forms in the early morning. Since most air conditioners rely on electricity, the last thing you want to introduce is water into the system. That’s why the condensate pan is there: to collect the liquid as it drips down and store it safely. A drain line at the bottom of the pan takes the water out of the system for safe disposal

What Happens When Trouble Arises

Problems usually occur from one of two specific sources. Either the drain pan becomes misaligned or the drain line gets clogged with detritus. Either way, it results in an overflow of condensate, which can spill out over the drain pan and short circuit more vital parts of the system. The good news is that most air conditioners come equipped with safety sensors that shut off the entire system before anything more important is damaged by the overflow. The bad news is that the system will stay off until the problem is corrected, and with our weather, that can be absolutely unbearable.

If your air conditioner won’t turn on, whether because of the drain pan or some other issue, then don’t hesitate to call the experts at Avis Plumbing, Heating & Air.

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