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How to Avoid AC Repair Calls

Summer has just begun and already the Inland Empire is baking. Residents of towns like Eastvale, CA need their air conditioners up and running every day in order to keep cool and comfortable. In many cases, it’s more than just a luxury: when the heat index climbs, it can be actively hazardous to go without an air conditioner. We offer swift and timely AC repair calls when your system breaks down, but we also believe that preventing such a problem is far better than reacting to it once it’s knocked your system out of commission. A few preventative steps on your part can do wonders on that front.

1. Get Your AC Serviced

A servicing session allows the technician to check for any growing problems, letting you address the issue in a timely fashion before an unexpected shutdown. It also helps improve the overall efficiency of your system, lowering your monthly bills in the process.

2. Change Your Filters

Air filters are present in all air conditioners, catching dust, hair and other detritus and screening it out of the air. It needs to be changed periodically, or it could cause the cool air to back up into your system and cause all kinds of damage. If you have sensitive family members such as infants or those suffering from asthma, consider adding a HEPA filter instead of a less expensive one.

3. Use Your System Wisely

Many people will run their air conditioners all day when they aren’t home, thinking it costs less than turning it on in the heat of the afternoon when they arrive home. This is a myth. Use your thermostat to activate your system 20 minutes before you expect to be home, and set the temperature a few degrees higher than you mind. Your bills will go down and your AC won’t suffer the same level of strain that could lead to a breakdown.

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