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How to Extend the Life of Your Heating System

We benefit from mild winters here in Ontario, CA, which means that our heaters aren’t subject to the same stress and strain as heating systems back east. But that doesn’t mean that prudent homeowners shouldn’t keep their systems running as smoothly as possible and take steps to extend the overall life of the heater for as long as they can.

Maintaining a heating system is an ongoing process, involving regular care and attention to minimize wear and tear. We’ve provided a brief list of the best ways to do that. Some of them can be done on your own and some involve the attention of a trained technician.

  • Change the Filter. Forced-air furnaces come equipped with a filter to help strain out dust and contaminants in the air. These filters should be replaced every month to avoid dust build-up in the heater. Electronic air filters can also be installed to help the issue.
  • Watch your Settings. To ease strain on the system, set your thermostat a few degrees cooler than you might normally. In addition, refrain from running the heater while you aren’t home. Set the thermostat to 55 degrees whenever the house is going to be empty.
  • Install a Humidifier. Dry air feels cooler than it actually is, forcing your heater to work harder than it should in order to warm your home. A whole-house humidifier can help alleviate that strain.
  • Get it Maintained. A servicing sessions conducted once a year can mitigate the effects of wear and tear, as well as getting an early jump on any potential repair issues. When applied regularly over time, it can extend the life of your system by months or even years.

To schedule a maintenance session, install a humidifier or air cleaner, or conduct repairs on your heating system, trust the professionals at Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air!

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