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How to Keep Your AC Going Strong this Season

air-conditioner-unitsWhen preparing for a marathon, you need to be in tip-top shape—eating right, staying hydrated, and putting in the practice.

It’s kind of the same for your air conditioner during summer. If it’s not tuned-up and ready to run before the worst of summer arrives, then it might not be able to finish the race. At that point, you’ll need to call in an air conditioning expert in Riverside to have them come rescue you from the heat.

So, what’s the AC-equivalent of preparing for a marathon? We’ll explain.

Change the Air Filter

Have you ever used an elevation mask? Fitness enthusiasts use them to simulate breathing on a higher altitude. The idea is that it might be able to help you increase your endurance by training you to use less oxygen.

Unfortunately for your HVAC system, it can’t become stronger with training. Restricting your HVAC system’s airflow is just going to make it more difficult for it to perform its job. Yet, this is exactly what you’re doing to it when you neglect to change the air filter.

A dirty air filter won’t just reduce your AC’s efficiency; it can cause some serious repair issues like freezing the evaporator coils, short cycling, or causing it to shut down. Changing the filter about once every one-to-three months should be enough.

Heed the Warning Signs

When you start training for a long-distance run, you can’t expect to run the entire distance without stopping. You’ll need to pace yourself and slow down before you overwork yourself. Not only will overexerting yourself be unpleasant, but there’s a serious possibility of injuring yourself.

Likewise, you need to pay attention to your air conditioner to make sure it isn’t showing any warning signs. We’re talking about things like:

  • The AC is suddenly making strange noises.
  • The cooling cycles are switching on and off rapidly and sporadically.
  • It’s simply not cooling your home as quickly or efficiently as it normally does.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance Every Year

While we don’t typically go to the doctor unless we know we’re sick, it’s also recommended that we have a checkup at least once a year. Why? So that we can spot the early signs of any sicknesses and have them taken care of before they become a problem!

It’s the exact same with your air conditioner. The annual maintenance check before the summer is just the HVAC-equivalent of having your AC checked up for any ailments. You’d be surprised at what an average maintenance check can find and prevent:

  • Leaking refrigerant coils: An issue that can lead to an expensive compressor replacement.
  • Air flow problems: Such as broken blower motors or duct issues.
  • Dirty coils and fan blades: Simple fixes that can bring about debilitating issues.

To make sure that your air conditioner can make it through all of summer this year, get started with a maintenance check!

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