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How to Tell if You Might Need Whole-House Repiping

Here in Ontario, CA plumbing systems don’t need to worry about some of the problems they face back east. Pipes freezing are rarely an issue, for example, and we don’t face many issues with civic sewer systems being overwhelmed via flooding.  At the same time, plumbers in Ontario, CA face their share of challenging problems, and while your plumbing system may last a good long time, sooner or later, you may need to think about replacing it. Here’s how to tell if you might need whole-house repiping.

Barring some kind of huge catastrophe, it’s not likely to be something that happens all at once. Hard water, corrosion, and clogs take their toll over time: working slowly and gradually over the years to damage your plumbing. If the situation can be resolved by replacing just a single piece of piping, that’s obviously preferable to something more systematic.

Bigger problems arise when those singular issues start recurring throughout the house. Leaks may spring up in multiple locations as sealant gives way. Back-ups become more prevalent and ruptures and breaches might spread beyond the plumbing to affect other areas of the house. Leaks can affect the wood and drywall surrounding the pipes, and can cause damage silently without anyone being aware of it.

As far as signs go, you’ll probably be aware of the biggest one: recurring repairs that seem to take place all over the house. Another sure sign comes with your water bill. If it seems to keep going up, even though you’re not using any more water than normal, you’re probably looking at a serious leak (or series of leaks). Finally, if you’re detecting damage outside the pipes – rotten sections of the wall or strange puddles forming where they shouldn’t – you may need to consider repiping. These issues should appear all over the house in order to make such a move, not just in one place.

For other tips on how to tell if you might need whole-house repiping, or to set up a consultation on the matter, contact Avis Plumbing, Heating & Air today. We can spell out the particulars for you and set up an installation plan that meets your specific needs. Give us a call and let us show you what we can do!

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