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HVAC Maintenance Provides Numerous Benefits

HVAC-system-maintenanceHot weather can linger well past Thanksgiving, as our recent heat wave has shown. That means you need your air conditioner to perform throughout the year. But heating shouldn’t be neglected either, and while our winters are extremely mild here in the Inland Empire, they still can get quite chilly, especially at night. That means you need both your heating and your air conditioner to perform at their peak, regardless of whether it’s summer or winter.

We strongly recommend regular maintenance sessions for your HVAC system this time of year, especially if it’s been a year or more since your system was last serviced. Doing so can provide a number of vital benefits.

What Is a Maintenance Session?

We like to compare maintenance sessions to a tune-up for your car or a check-up at the dentist’s. It differs from a repair session in that it’s not intended to correct a specific problem. Rather, it gives the technician a chance to look the whole system over for signs of trouble, no matter where it might lie. In the event the issue can be corrected swiftly – say, with a clogged burner or a bolt that has worn out – the technician can correct it as part of the maintenance session itself. If more extensive repairs are required, the technician can schedule them with you immediately, and assuming that the proper tools and equipment are on hand (which is the case most of the time), they can conduct such a session immediately after the maintenance session is completed.

What Benefits Does It Provide?

Maintenance sessions provide three very tangible benefits to any system you apply them to. Results vary by individual HVAC system, but include the following:

  1. Lower Monthly Bills. Little issues like clogged filters and low refrigerant can force the system to work harder than it should to warm or cool your house. That, in turn, will increase the strain on the system – raising the chances of a breakdown – as well as raising the monthly costs of running the system. Maintenance sessions can put the brakes on that, and put money back into your pocket as a result.
  2. Reduced Repair Costs. In the event more extensive repairs are needed, the maintenance session can give you an early jump on them. That allows you to schedule them at your leisure, instead of being forced to scramble in the face of larger repairs. In addition, the costs or repairs are usually much lower as well, since the damage hasn’t had as much time to spread.
  3. More Life from your System. If you schedule maintenance sessions once a year on a regular basis, it helps cut down on the wear and tear your system experiences a great deal. Not only does that reduce the risk and extent of repairs later in the system’s life, but it can help extend that life by months or even years in some cases.

For quality maintenance and repair services for your Riverside, CA HVAC system, call on Avis Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

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