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Is Your Furnace Blowing Cool Air?

Summer is a state of mind here in Eastvale, CA, and while you’ve likely had a few chances to run your forced-air furnace, temperatures have still been too warm to run the heating system all the time. That makes now a perfect opportunity to check your furnace for problems, especially reduced air flow out of your ducts. It may not seem like much, but that air flow can signal a much more serious issue which you should consider very carefully. Here’s a breakdown on what all of that means.

What Causes Low Air Flow?

The causes of low air flow are varied — anything from a problem with a fan motor to a clog in the filter — which is why you need an expert to properly diagnose it and enact repairs. But in general terms, you’re looking at one of two basic issues: either something is blocking the air or there’s a problem with the apparatus blowing it. The former entails¬†clogs in the ducts, a dirty filter and things like dents or breaches in the system. The latter entails problems with the fan motor or possibly¬†an issue with the fan blades themselves.

The Problems are Bigger Than You Think

It may not sound like much, but low air flow can be the first sign of a much bigger problem lingering in your system. For starters, the low air flow means your furnace needs to spend more fuel to heat the home, and raises the strain on the system’s other components as well. More importantly, the hot air will linger in your system, which can damage key components and possible cause a shutdown of the system as well. The problem needs to be corrected before these serious issues arise.

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