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Keep Your Home Healthy with UV Germicidal Lights

UV-light-filterIndoor air quality is as important as heating and air conditioning here in the Inland Empire. Your HVAC system may keep your home perfectly comfortable, but germs and other contagions can enter at a moment’s notice, and use the air blown through your furnace and air conditioner to spread through throughout your home. With winter comes winter rains, and that means more bacteria, allergens, and similar unwanted houseguests slipping into your air.

Every HVAC system comes with a basic filter to handle dust and debris, but germs can easily slip through such filters. A better solution is a UV air purifier installed at the apex of the ducts and working in conjunction with your HVAC system. It can ensure that your home is kept healthy and happy.

Ultraviolet Light My Way

If you’ve ever been on Space Mountain at Disneyland, or watched your white clothes glowing in the dark at a rock concert, you’ve seen UV light in action. It’s light on a spectrum beyond our ability to see. UV light can be found in sunlight: it’s what causes our skin to tan or burn when we go out into the sun. At lower levels, it’s perfectly harmless. Disneyland uses them to make our clothes glow: the ultraviolet light interacts with chemicals from our laundry detergent to produce the effect.

While the light is harmless to us — and to other multicellular organisms like dogs, cats and even insects — germs and bacteria have a completely different response. UV light will either kill them outright or prevent them from replicating: stopping them cold.

The Ducts Are Your Secret Weapon

Obviously, you can’t simply put UV lights up all over your home and expect them to do the job. You need a single spot where they can do the most good in the least amount of space. The apex to your ducts is the ideal spot. As your HVAC system runs, it circulates air from the entire house through its system: pushing it through the ducts after it has been warmed or cooled to distribute through the home.

That’s where the UV air filter comes in. It creates a sheet of UV light stretching across the apex of the ducts, where the air first enters the ducts system. Germs and bacteria in the air can’t help but pass through the light and be destroyed. As the heater or the air conditioner blows, it slowly cycles through all the air in your home: dealing with freshly arrived germs as well as those that may have been circulating for a while.

As a result, the whole house feels cleaner and fresher, and you’ll find instances of sickness decreasing a great deal. UV air filters rarely have moving parts, and maintenance and repair calls are usually limited to periodically replacing the bulbs when they wear out. Every home can benefit from one, but we especially recommend UV air filters for homes with infants, the elderly, family members with conditions such as asthma, and family members who work in high-risk areas such as hospitals.

If your Corona, CA home could use a UV air filtration system, call on Avis Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today!

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