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Now Is the Time for an Air Filtration System

August in Eastvale, CA is brutal, and with the huge wildfire raging just north of us, local air quality has taken a catastrophic dip. If you live in the Inland Empire, indoor air quality has become an immediate issue, and while you’re likely aware that you need to stay indoors and out of the air as much as possible, you still need to make sure your home’s air is clean and breathable.

Start with Existing Filters

It starts with your air conditioning filters and other filters in your home. Change them out immediately, using the most effective type you can afford —┬ácheck the MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rating and but the highest type you can. You can find them in any hardware store or home improvement warehouse. We usually recommend replacing them very 2-3 months, but depending on how long the air quality remains low in our neck of the woods, you may need to do so more frequently for a bit.

You Need a Whole-House Filter

In addition, if your home doesn’t have a whole-house air filter, now is the time to have one installed. It can screen out all of the dust and ash in our air, and continue to provide protection well after this crisis has faded. Air filters come in all types, but we usually recommend an electronic air cleaner for serious issues. The air passes through an ionization chamber, which charges the particles and causes them to stick to the sides of a collection plate. It works well because it’s so thorough — capturing any and all particles, no matter how small — and while you may need to have the collection plate cleans more often in light of the current crisis, there’s usually few repairs or maintenance required.

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