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Possible Reasons for Low Heat from Your Furnace

cold-man-inspects-thermostatYou fully expect your furnace to provide you with warmth during the chilly season, so a lack of heat from your furnace is certainly a cause for concern. You should expect a consistent, efficient performance from your furnace. A decline in heat can be caused by a multitude of factors, so it is recommended to contact an HVAC professional to diagnose the cause of low heat.

 Doing so will prevent further damage and a costly repair bill. Below, we have provided a list of potential issues that can cause low heat.

Duct Problems

Your furnace relies on a network of ducts to circulate warm air throughout your home. When there is a breach, or a leak, in the system, heat is lost. This issue can either allow heated air out of your system or pull cold air into the system. Either way, there will be a significant reduction in heat.

A breach is usually caused by corrosion, leaks, or faulty repair work. It is always best to contact an experienced professional if you are unsure about how well your ducts are sealed. When your ductwork is improperly sealed, your system will not run efficiently, leading to an increased heating bill.

Restricted Airflow

When airflow is restricted, it can cause the furnace’s burner to shut off, which leads to lukewarm air. There are a few reasons why airflow can be restricted. One common reason is dirty air filters. Air filters need to be changed regularly. This can be done during regularly scheduled maintenance. Another possible cause of restricted airflow is blocked air vents.  An HVAC technician can check to see if vents are open and unblocked in rooms where you expect heat.

Here’s a tip: Make sure you haven’t blocked your vents by putting a piece of furniture in front of them!

Clogged Burners and Gas Lines

Burners are where the heat for your home is produced. When they become dirty or clogged, they do not work as they should, leaving you with insufficient heat. Burners can become clogged for a variety of reasons. An issue with the gas line might just be the cause. If there is a blockage in a gas line, gas is unable to reach the burner. It can also cause a gas leak. If you suspect this, the heat and gas should be shut off immediately. A gas leak can be very dangerous and should only be handled by a trained professional. The best way to avoid a gas leak is to have your burners cleaned and unclogged regularly by a technician.

A-Avis Home Services provides heating in Riverside, CA. If you’ve noticed a decrease in the amount of heat coming from your furnace, it is time to contact us. Problems with your furnace will only get worse the longer you wait to repair them. We want to help you keep your furnace up and running for years to come!

For all your furnace needs, contact A-Avis Home Services. We have been Serving The Greater Riverside Area For 60+ Years.


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