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Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Summer

Air_Conditioning_Air_Conditioner_Repairing_Cold_Temperature_Work_Tool_Examining-meWinter may still be going on back east, but here in sunny Southern California, it’s all but over. You’ve likely been using your air conditioners more than once in the past few weeks, and soon enough, you’ll be called upon to use it every day. Before the temperature climbs any higher, it’s time to get your air conditioner prepared for the summer, which usually means a couple of very specific steps.

Schedule Maintenance

Before you do anything further, you should call a professional service to perform a maintenance session on your air conditioner. Maintenance isn’t the same thing as repairs, which are conducted to address a specific problem with the unit. Repairs don’t cover little things like loose bolts and low refrigerant levels, which don’t do much on their own but which leech efficiency from your system and lead to more serious breakdowns in the future. A maintenance session is intended to address all of those little issues, as well as checking for signs of something more serious brewing.

That provides two very distinct advantages:

  1. It will improve the efficiency of your air conditioner, which can shave precious dollars off of your monthly AC bill this summer. In addition, the wear and tear on the unit will be reduced. When applied regularly once or twice a year over the course of the air conditioner’s lifetime, it can even extend the time before you need to get it replaced.
  2. In the event that more serious repairs are needed, the maintenance session allows your technician to spot the situation early. That lets you schedule repairs according to your schedule, instead of shuffling your schedule around to fit a sudden crisis. It also tends to reduce the cost of the repairs, since the situation has less time to damage the internal components

Think About Replacement

A maintenance session is recommended for any air conditioning regardless of age, but if your particular system has been around for a while, you might want to think about getting it repaired. That decision starts with the warranty, which usually lasts for around 8-12 years. (Every model is different.) Once your warranty expires, you need to watch its performance very carefully, and when the costs outweigh its usefulness, you should be prepared to replace it with a new one.

Only you can decide when that moment might be, but it usually comes down to one of two factors.

  1. The monthly cost of running the air conditioner is too high to fit in your monthly budget.
  2. Repairs have gotten too expensive. That can mean either a single repair that costs more than you think the system, is worth, or more than two individual repair calls within the same 12-month period.

Regardless of your specific circumstances, now is a good time to make that decision. If you think your air conditioner is good to go until next fall, you can move forward with making it perform as efficiently as possible. If there was trouble last summer and you have concerns, however, replacing the AC now can circumvent any possible problems later in the year.

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