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Preparing to Install a New HVAC System

Installing a new heating or air conditioning system makes sense this time of year. Our mild Ontario, CA weather means that the need for such a system is reduced, and you can make preparations the right way instead of having to rush in front of a heat wave of similar crisis. A good installation service will take you through the steps one by one, and let you know exactly why each step takes place. That way, you can take confidence in the installation and rest assured it’s being conducted the right way. Specifics may vary slightly, but generally follow the same pattern.

  1. The technician will conduct an initial consultation and get a basic look at your house, then discuss your possible options with you. Some types of HVAC system (such as ductless heating, for instance, or heat pumps, which combine heating and air conditioning systems into one) may fit your circumstances better than others, and this is the time to explore those basic options. It may also involve examining your old system and noting the requirements as few as pipes and fittings go.
  2. The technician will perform an audit of your house, noting such features as square footage, sunlight exposure, the presence of insulation and similar factors. That will determine the specific dimensions of the heater, its power needs and any additional features that the technician might recommend.
  3. Installation will be scheduled at a time the homeowner can be present, and which is convenient to his or her schedule. The technician will always provide an estimate of how long the process will take, so the homeowner can plan his or her schedule accordingly.

The right technician can provide a smooth installation experience and ensure that you have the unit you need at the price you can afford. Call the pros at Avis Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today!

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