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Prevent Air Conditioning Repair by Prepping Your System

HVAC-system-maintenanceWe live in the Inland Empire, where winters are about as mild as they come. That means the summers are hot, and seem to start earlier every year. You’ll need your air conditioning system to run exactly as needed as soon as the first warm day gets here, and that could be as quickly as a few weeks. Repair calls can arrive almost as soon as you turn your system on, especially if you have an older system or one that’s prone to trouble.

A good air conditioning service can move quickly in the event of a disaster, but better than fixing a problem is preventing one in the first place. By prepping your system now, when you have less of a need for it, you can halt a large number of potential problems before they start.

Keep Your System Humming with These Steps

Some means of keeping your air conditioner up to speed are things any homeowner can do. For instance, keep the space around your air conditioner’s external components clear, and make sure you pull any weeds or overgrowth away from it. If falling leaves are a problem, you might want to cover the outdoor unit too, though you must always uncover it before you use the system.

You might also think about changing the air conditioner’s filter, which can get dirty and clogged over time. Ideally, you should change it out every 1-3 months, and if you haven’t done so in, say, the last six months, this is a good moment to do so. Changing the filters regularly eases the strain on the system, and can lower the chances of wear and tear.

Professional Maintenance Can Save You Quite a Bit

If you haven’t had your air conditioner serviced in a year or more, you should do so before you first have need of the system this year. This is a kind of tune-up for your air conditioner that lets the technician look for any little problems that might turn into big ones, or big problems that might need addressing before your system can be used. In the case of small issues, like loose bolts or frayed electrical connections, the problem can be fixed immediately. In the case of larger issues, the technician can schedule a formal repair session at your convenience (even immediately after the maintenance session in many cases).

Regardless of the need, you gain a number of benefits from the maintenance session:

  • Improved efficiency. Fixing little problems like a loose component or shaky wiring connections can help the air conditioner do its job without wasting as much energy. That will lower your monthly bills accordingly.
  • Easier repairs. If repairs are needed, now is the ideal time, since you won’t need your AC as much as you will later in the year. It also usually means that the repairs will be less expensive, since the damage hasn’t had as much time to spread.
  • Longer life. When conducted regularly, maintenance sessions can help extend the life of your air conditioner.

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