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Reasons to Schedule Heating Repair for Your Heat Pump

Any heating or cooling system is only as good as the maintenance and care it receives. You can have the most efficient and effective heater ever invented installed in your home, but without necessary repairs and regular maintenance, it would degrade in performance rapidly and probably not even make it to half its expected lifespan.

If you have a precision instrument like a heat pump providing your home with comfort, you need to take special care to watch for when you should schedule repairs. Here are some of the reasons you will have to call for repairs.

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  • The heat pump stops blowing cold or warm air: If your heat pump stops being able to do one of its two jobs—heating or cooling—then it most likely has a broken reversing valve. You will need to call technicians to replace the valve.
  • Grinding or screeching noises from the cabinet: Any sound aside from the hum of the fans and the compressor as it comes on is a caution that something may be wrong inside the heat pump. Mechanical grinding and shrieking noises are the clearest sign of a major failure occurring, usually a motor on the verge of burning out or a dying compressor. Call in a technician to look into the cabinet, find out what’s wrong, and discover a way to fix it.
  • Ice and frost form along the coils: If you see ice along either the indoor or outdoor coil, don’t scrape it off and forget about it. This can mean that the coil has become too dirty, or refrigerant is leaking somewhere. Technicians will need to remove the coils to clean them, or else seal the refrigerant leak and recharge the lost refrigerant.
  • Insufficient airflow: If the airflow from your heat pump drops, it could be from a clogged air filter, or trouble in the air handler. You’ll need to have it fixed before it negatively effects your comfort level.

Aside from repairs, make sure you enroll in a regular maintenance program that will tune-up and check-up your heat pump annually so it will work with as few repair needs as possible.

Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air has over 60 years of experience with bringing heating repairs to Ontario, CA and throughout the Inland Empire. We’ve installed, repaired, and maintained many heat pumps, and we can help yours. Call us today.

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