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How to Reduce Dust in Your Home the Easy Way

happy-family-eats-pizzaWe live in a desert environment here in the Inland Empire, which we feel most keenly during the summertime. Rainfall usually stops in April and 100-plus temperatures are common on a daily basis. But that can have effects that go beyond the heat, especially when it comes to dust and dirt. If you’re not careful, they can prove almost as much of a problem as the heat, especially in homes with sensitive family members.

Problems Caused by Dust

The most obvious problem with excessive dust is the way it can coat your furnishings, making it harder to keep your household clean. But the biggest problems go far deeper than that. Excessive dust can increase friction on moving parts in your HVAC system, forcing them to work harder and elevating both the costs of running the system and overall wear and tear. Dust can clog filters in the system and force you to replace them more often, and if you don’t find some means of addressing it, it could even shorten the lifespan of your system. Worst of all, family members who suffer from conditions such as asthma – or vulnerable family members such as infants or the elderly – will find excessive dust extremely troublesome, which can result in increased illnesses and other health problems.

Electronic Air Purifiers are a Solution

Good filters can help cut down on dust and dirt in your home. They are easily (and cheaply) available at any hardware store or home improvement center, and can be removed or installed without professional aid. No filter is perfect, however, and the chore of changing them out can become exasperating – to say nothing of the costs involved.

An electronic air filter placed in your HVAC system can provide a much more comprehensive long-term solution. It eschews the simple screening ability of normal filters in favor of an ionization chamber. As your HVAC system runs, it blows air through the chamber. Dust particles in the air are ionized and stick to the walls of the chamber or in a collection pan where they can be properly disposed of. As you run your air conditioner, the air in the home cycles through the filter, allowing it to “scrub” the dust and dirt out of it.

The results provide a more comprehensive solution to the problem than mere filters, as well as eliminating the cost of replacements. Your air will be cleaner and your system as a whole will suffer less wear and tear: helping it do its job more readily and ever extending its life when applied over time. Now is an excellent time to schedule the installation of such a device in your HVAC system, when the weather is still comparatively mild. That way, it will be ready to go when the hot dry air hits us in earnest: providing reliable protection throughout our long summers.

If your Riverside, CA home could use an electronic air filter, call the professionals at Avis Plumbing-Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for quality installation and servicing!

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