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Repair or Replace? Trouble with Fan Motors

At Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air, we have spent 60 years bringing quality service to the Inland Empire. During that time, our technicians have seen just about every possible sort of malfunction that can affect an air conditioner. One of the common troubles that they see occurs in motor fans, and that’s not surprising. The fans undergo a great deal of stress in an AC since they often run even when the air conditioner isn’t in cooling mode. Like an electro-mechanical system, motors can fail or malfunction in different ways; sometimes we can repair the trouble and get the motors spinning again, while other times the only solution is to replace the motor. We’ll look a bit at fan motor troubles in this post, and whether they lead to repairing or replacing.

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Repair the motor

Some basic electrical problems with motors require simple fixes to get them working again. Relays that become stuck open or closed will cause a motor to either stop running or run continuously. A fuse might go bad and need to be replaced. If wiring comes loose, a technician can usually rewire and reconnect the loose parts in order to restore the motor’s operation.

A component connected to the motor that’s essential for its operation is the capacitor. Should a capacitor weaken or fail, it cannot transmit voltage to the motor. Replacing capacitors is a standard task that will save having to replace the motor.

Replace the motor

If a motor undergoes significant stress—often because of dirt or lack of lubrication—it will overheat and fuse its internal wiring. When this happens, there is no option but to replace the burnt-out motor. Any shorting of the wiring in a motor will require replacement.

A motor that freezes because of mechanical wear and stress is also beyond repair, and technicians will need to replace it.

Professionals only, please!

The level of complexity in the fan motors of an air conditioner is too high for amateurs to diagnose the problem. Incorrect handling of the electrical components in an air conditioner can also lead to a high voltage shock. Don’t take the risk: call professionals as soon as you notice problems with the motors (usually loud groaning or grinding noises, or if the fans stop working). These trained technicians will determine what is wrong with the motor—if the problem is indeed the fan motor—and whether it needs repairs or a replacement.

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