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Air Conditioning Tip: Getting Your AC Summer Ready

The heat of summer arrives quickly in Riverside, CA, and it sticks around for quite a while. If you hope to make it through the hottest days of the year comfortably, it is important that you take the necessary steps to ensure that your air conditioning system is ready for the task that lies ahead. Here are some helpful tips from the Riverside, CA air conditioning professionals at Avis Air to help you get your air conditioning system ready for summer. Contact us today with any further questions you may have.

The first step in ensuring that your air conditioning system is ready for summer is to simply turn it on before you really need it. Just because your air conditioner was operating properly at the close of the last heating season does not mean that it will jump right back into action. Run your air conditioner prior to the start of the cooling season, and contact a professional air conditioning technician to address any concerns you have.

You should also perform a quick visual inspection of your air conditioning system before putting it into use. Take a look at your outdoor unit to ensure that it is not covered with leaves, branches, or other debris from the off season. Inside, take a walk around your home. Make sure that no furniture has shifted to block off your duct grilles and registers. Your air conditioning system will operate much more effectively if it does not have to force cooled air through a sofa.

Finally, and most importantly, make sure that you schedule routine air conditioning maintenance services in Riverside, CA before the heating season starts. Even if you run your air conditioner and it seems to be operating fine, there may be issues that only an inspection by a professional AC maintenance technician can identify. When it comes to getting your air conditioner summer ready, there is simply no alternative for professional air conditioning maintenance.

If you have any further questions about how you can get the best, most reliable performance possible from your air conditioning system this summer, contact Avis Air. We have all the answers you need. Call today to get started

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