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Signs of an Oversized Furnace

There are a lot of incorrect ideas floating around about furnaces. One of those ideas is that “one size fits all” when it comes to selecting a furnace. People tend to install large furnaces in their homes because they believe that a larger furnace will heat their home more efficiently. This is only partially true, and invariably ends up causing more harm than good when the cost vs benefit is calculated. Have a look at the symptoms below to see if you might be using an oversized furnace.


This is one of the most common symptoms of an oversized furnace. Short-cycling is when your furnace won’t stop turning on and off. The reason it happens is because a larger furnace generates quite a bit more heat when it turns on. If the rest of your system is not designed to handle that level of heat, it perceives the furnace as overheating and shuts it down for safety reasons. Once the furnace has cooled off, the thermostat turns it on again and the cycle continues indefinitely. This is irritating, inefficient, and ultimately shortens the life of your heating system by increasing wear and tear. It can also cost you quite a bit extra in higher heating bills. If you suspect this is occurring, shut your heating system down and call a professional.

Uncomfortable Temperature

An oversized furnace has a greater heat output, and it can heat a house far more quickly than a properly sized unit. Unfortunately, this output tends to combine with short-cycling to produce rapid and drastic fluctuations in room temperature. Some rooms may warm up much faster than others, making living space quite uncomfortable. If you experience drastic differences in temperature between the rooms of your house while the furnace is on, you may have an oversized heater.

Though it may seem better to have a larger furnace for the winter months, an oversized furnace causes a great many problems. In the end, it is far more beneficial to make sure that your furnace is properly sized to meet your heating needs. If you think you may have an oversized furnace, call Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air. We offer heating services throughout the entire Riverside, CA area.

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